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The Audacity of Hope

The Audacity of Hope

As I wrote this article, I was in doubt to whether to honestly expose and share my dreams and my passion. Truthfully, I wish that I can just ignore others’ thoughts about me and just being plain of myself and have no worry in doing that. However, I realize, not only that we cannot control others,  it is impossible for we need input either in encouraging ways or criticize one, and like it or not as we listen all of those, we have to think of how to react properly. Yes, we cannot control others but we are given the full access to control ourselves! Therefore, I will share as plain as possible of what I want to be and why..

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.  ~ T.E. Lawrence

For me, life is a gift that I need to prepare the very best to everyone, my God, my family, friends and of course myself. And as a gift, I need to make sure that the inside is just as attractive as the outside. Yet then I know that a good gift costs much and need extra effort to meet each individual taste. But do not get me wrong, I do not think and never plan to satisfy everyone, it just that I want to give the best out of me. Think this, even though we are all of different taste but all of us surely agree that ice is cold and fire is hot and that is simply I want to be of myself, to be better!

I was once a very shy and timid guy, lived a life full of regret and self blaming. I grew up not in a family which is not desirable. Family dispute is like everyday meal for us yet we cannot say or do anything to fix it but to endure it. I watched how simple things can turn out to big problems for the whole family just because of unable to understand each other. I experience separation and much more. We all felt the pain and the bitterness. One word to conclude all, a love lacking family!

You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.  ~Desmond Tutu

And it ends like about 6 years ago, precisely when I was in my 2nd year of my senior high school. I got the complete privilege to meet and know personally my Creator, my God who then tell me that it was not His plan for me to live a such dull life. He replaces the broken parts with the new one, the bitterness with a hope of better life, the pain with joy of understanding the true love. I begin to see things differently and even being thankful of my circumstances. Through what I experienced since childhood has unconsciously shaped me and developed my dream. This is what happened when we get to meet our Creator that not only He comfort us but giving us a new complete being which also include giving me dream as I was so clueless about my life. As I pursue the dream, I know that I cannot be the same guy anymore, I need to change and the first thing starts from my school results which happen to experience the y=a+b(x)^2, a positive slope. Then other things change too, my personality which I was so quite and shy become assertive and confident that allow me to become the president of my university student body.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)



The journey is not ended yet, in fact it is just started!

I am so thankful yet I totally understand that I have much to learn and always reminded that there is more ahead that I need to go through as to make my dream comes true. It’s doubtlessly that family is my first priority before God and for them especially I want to work hard! For me, I want to at least make sure the people I know will not experience the sick marriage. I promise myself to have a good family which can be inspiration for others. A family of the righteous and blessed!


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  1. * sugiantomann says:

    Yess Ko, You will have inspirated family.
    “A winner never be victorious till the battle ends totally”
    Long time no see you in AGC?

    btw new website from AGC in http://www.indrigautama.org,,

    I like your writing about u always make sure that your inside is just attractive as your outside, and not vice versa.

    who is Jerry monyong?it’s similiar to your face.

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago
    • Hi Sugi.. Thanks much for the comment.. Oo, last week i joined saturday service..:)

      yes, i’ve explored them.. a very good website..=D nicely done..

      Jerry is my lovely cousin..=D that picture is taken when i was on my 4th semester.. he’ll grow up handsome like his cousin.. hahaha..

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 12 months ago
  2. * yosuakristianto says:

    Hoi hehehehe.. Bagus juga kok memang stylenya u formal writing dan bahasa inggris, beda jauh ama gw hehehehehe.. Thed, mau menyumbang dan mengasah kemampuan dengan menjadi blogger AGC ga? Kan di web yang baru udah ada blog? U cocok thed.. Jangan salah nikah buat family yang kamu idam2kan.. hehehehehe

    Entah kenapa tapi di browser gw, gambar2 the audacity of hope ama the promise ga keluar. I think u should check it..

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 12 months ago
    • iya.. kemaren aku explore things.. tapi gagal..:( sekarang uda ada lagi tuh foto..=D

      hmm.. blog sendiri aja belum kelar gimana yg lain.. wkwk.. btw, aku lagi nulis blog tentang perjalanan di PU, nanti ada 4 seri..=D

      thanks for the input bro..=D

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 12 months ago
  3. * jeanny says:

    hi dthoughtsofmine,

    i wonder how u met Your Creator.. could u bring a detail story about that?
    Could u illustrate the situation, where does it take place, hows the meeting going?
    Could u did it anywhere and anytime u want?

    u know, your statement above is intriguing, and yet full of doubts..

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 12 months ago
    • Hi Jeanny,
      sorry for late response..:)
      So glad that I got a feedback from someone out of my circle.. Well, it’s not a physical contact meeting actually but during that I got a revelation inside me that there’s God who has been watching over me.
      Perhaps that my answer would not satisfy you but then u might want to consult with pastors nearby your living area. As I believe that they might give you a better explanation too..
      Btw, where do u come from? and been nice to have your feedback dropped in my page..

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  4. * janice says:

    everything happens for a reason.
    everyone experienced for a different lesson.
    they will give different response for what happens in their life.

    conflicts and problems are not negative things,
    they are neutral.
    depends on how we see it..

    i can say i learn a new thing from ur blog.



    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago
  5. * jeanny says:

    did u erase my question? why?

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago
  6. * kenny says:

    keren Ted blognya.. ayo diupdate lagi n jadi berkat buat orang lain 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 4 months ago

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