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Woman in Gold

A greeting to everyone

Just barely finish a meeting and now I’m sitting in front of my notebook, enjoying myself with a cup of cafe latte and having people walk back and forth. Despite of the crowd, my ears are both stuck with headset listening to “our daily bread” instrumental album. Afterall, the crowd is what I need to not get myself too sentimental post. *smile*

I know it has been awhile for me to post something. Since my last, a lot has happened and it was, simply saying, “what a life!” It’s the only word I can find to describe my absence and, honestly, I still can’t figure how it should go and how it will end. I guess it is what I can say continue living and having faith on days ahead. Do my best and get my values back. I will buy a fast forward redemption ticket and gladly going for “auto repair” mode if I could….. but life certainly doesn’t work that way. You just need to live and walk it through yourself. Along the way, just stay true to yourself. Some people do think I’m a bold and confident type of guy but, hmm.., I think I am not. I am just doing my best and barely make it. I hope I can grow stronger to take care of many things but I am not.

I think behind every strong act and faces we trying to pull, there is a small little kid who hide behind everyman’s heart and stretching for a hand of help.

I was watching “Woman in Gold” yesterday and it has intrigued me in some ways. I believe it was the energy of the old lady in the movie that make me write again. The story is about an elderly Jewish, Austrian born, reclaiming back her heritage and seek justice for what happened to her family. She spent her adult and mature years in Los Angeles as a World War II refugee. Being born in the war period, she struggles of losses not only possessions but family, friends and life. Doubtlessly, it was not an easy experience yet she remember her roots and figthing for the justice. She faces her fearfully past and choose to fight them. Cutting short the story, they managed to win the case through a long trial. The lady doesn’t fight alone and without her lawyer and the helps they are getting from the lawyer’s wife, bosses and those they got from each other, it will not be successful.

This movie inspires me from many aspects… the storyline and all the casts there are just so much to say and to learn. It teaches me to fight, to be brave, to let go, to move on, to dream, to be happy, to appreaciate, to wait for things, etc. If I am to summarize them, I would say… don’t forget your roots, your values, your dreams and fight for them. Your monsterous past is just a matter of past and deal with it or one day life will demand it from you.

Do what you can do and understand that in life not everything we dream can happen but God’s plan will definitely happen. Learn and get back to what God wants in our life. Have the simple and quiet faith friends. Let’s all make it in life!

I’d like to close this post with a prayer that goes like this:

Dear God, You surely know what I do and who I am. I would like to believe that without You life is meaningless and despite of anything that goes in life, one thing I can be surely be thankful is that I know You are always with me. Seek to the deepest of my heart and if it’s not right, please tell me and correct me. Please take care of people and things you have placed in my life. Take good care of them for I care for them and I’m limited. They sure are important to me Lord, so please and please be sure not to forget of them. Set my feet to the path of righteousness and walk me through together. Please help me to guard my heart. Humble me and be forever with me. I may stumble but never give up on me. Thank you and thank you so much. AMEN!


Something You Need to Know About Me!

The journey is not ended yet, in fact it is just started!

I am so thankful yet I totally understand that I have much to learn and always reminded that there is more ahead that I need to go through as to make my dream comes true. It’s doubtlessly that family is my first priority before God and for them especially I want to work hard! For me, I want to at least make sure the people I know will not experience the sick marriage. I promise myself to have a good family which can be inspiration for others. A family of the righteous and blessed!

I Just Want You by Planetshakers

I just want You Jesus,
I just want You my Lord,
I just want You Jesus, I just want You.

Three Cups of Tea – Fighting the Root Cause of Terrorism through Education!

Greg Mortenson, who has failed in his attempt to climb the 2nd highest mountain in the world, K2 in Pakistan, has actually achieved of what most mankind would never think of. During which attempt to climb K2, Mortenson, not only failed to defeat the K2, lost his trail and nearly died. Nevertheless, through the predestined meeting with the savior of his life, he was struck by the plight of the local children.

The 5 Languanges of Love – The Key for a Successful Relationship

Every relationship either as couple, friends or families has to always keep their “love tank” full. It is just like the car with gasoline, with no gasoline it won’t works, so does the relationship with empty love tank will not benefit anybody. It is true that in the beginning of a relationship, things are very sweet and seems that there is nothing bad will come from it but as it fight against time, things might get different. Therefore, keeping the love tank full is very crucial in every important as it will keep the lovey dovey relationship lasts forever.

Walk Another Mile

For me, I want to walk another mile for my most precious. Only for them, I’d like to put my trust on, though there are moments where I feel like I’ve no option other than giving up but when the reminiscence of hope pops up, it pumps another extra energy to believe.


For all of us, without any exception, time is unrepeatable and keeps on moving. We all will encounter from the poorest to the richest, saddest to the happiest, but one thing for sure is we cannot change the past (and nobody can). If we can just remember the journey, count the blessings, tears and countless efforts we have made; those are making our life so rich and colorful!